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Please note: The practice remains open should you  wish to make an appointment. I will be following strict guidelines set out by the NICD and CDC with regard to sanitation and hygiene within my practice. We will keep you informed should consultation hours change.

What is a chiropractor and what do they treat?

A chiropractor is a primary healthcare professional that focuses on the health and function of your spine and nervous system. Importance is placed on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

These include neck and back pain; scoliosis, ligament sprains and muscle strains; sciatica and bulging/slipped discs to name some of the many. Chiropractic also provides relief for pregnancy- associated back pain and for children and babies too.

Some of our most common techniques?

Chiropractic Manipulation

The manual application of low amplitude, high velocity forces to specific dysfunctional joints in the spine (and extremities) in order to restore normal joint motion and relieve pain and discomfort.

Ischaemic Compression

Sustained pressure to an active myofascial trigger point. This technique deliberately obstructs blood flow to the trigger point and then creates a resurgence of blood blood flow to the area upon release. This deactivates the myofascial trigger point and relieves your symptoms.

Soft Tissue Massage

Treatment of soft tissue injuries, including muscular sporting injuries. The application of soft tissue massage lengthens the muscle fibres, creates blood circulation, breaks adhesions within the muscle and relaxes your muscles.


A hand-held adjusting tool that delivers gentle impulses to specific vertebral segments of the spine, or extremities, with the aim of restoring normal joint motion to the segments.

Dry Needling

An incredibly thin and solid filliform needle that penetrates the skin and inserts into an active myofascial trigger point within a muscle. This stimulates the underlying trigger point, muscular and connective tissues and relaxes the muscle.


The patient will be lying on their stomach on the chiropractic bed. A manual traction force is then applied to the spine with flexion of the trunk of the body. The flexion is achieved by moving the lower end of the chiropractic bed in a downward direction. As this motion occurs, the vertebrae are separated and the joints are gapped.


A handheld device that applies continuous percussions to the joints and muscles in your back. This device also relaxes the muscles prior to a chiropractic manipulation.


The application of stretchy therapeutic tape to specific muscles in the body to aid the body’s natural healing process whilst providing support and stability to joints and muscles.

What to expect at your visit to the chiropractor?


Step 1

Patient History and Symptoms

You will be asked various questions relating to your current condition, medical and family history. This will be followed by a physical examination.

When necessary, you will be sent for further testing or referred to a specialised healthcare professional.


Step 2

Chiropractic Examination

The painful region will be examined in greater detail along with your posture and range of movement.

Your chiropractor will then perform a few neurological, orthopaedic and myofascial tests to assess the function of the various nerves and joints in your body


Step 3

Diagnosis and Feedback

Your chiropractor will establish a potential diagnosis for your presenting complaint. This diagnosis will be explained to you and a treatment plan, to best manage your condition will be recommended.

With your consent, treatment will then commence

Step 4

Chiropractic Treatment

You will receive various chiropractic manipulations to the joints in your spine and extremities. Your chiropractor will also incorporate various soft tissue techniques to relieve any muscle spasm.

Lifestyle advice, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises, will also be provided.

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